We have set up a separate consultation time for patients with flue-like symptoms, fever or suspected infection with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Appointments in can be arranged by phone or alternatively online. The consultation is carried out alternately by different doctors of our practice. These are short appointments (max. 5 minutes) focused to clarify what kind of respiratory infection is present. If necessary, a smear examination for the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 will be carried out.

The appointment slots for this consultation are released 1-2 days in advance. Please select 'Atemwegsinfektion akut' in the first step of the online appointment below and follow the instructions below.

We kindly ask you to arrange doctor's appointments during office hours. You can reach us at the telephone numbers mentioned here.

FON: (030) 391 10 21 and (030) 391 10 22

You can also make appointments online. To do this, follow the online appointments link below.

Please note that the first step is to select your attending physician. After completing and submitting the appointment request, you will receive an email message asking to confirm the appointment within 30 minutes. Only after clicking the conformation link in that email message your appointment will be booked for you and become visible in our system. If you do not confirm the appointment, the appointment will not be booked into our system and may be assigned to others later.

Link to user external provider DGN Deutsches Gesundheitsnetz: Online appointment booking (click here)

The online booking tool is only available in German.

Please note:

  • Dr. Schuler doesn't accept new patients via online-booking
  • For yellow fewer vaccinations you have to book a consultation in 'Sprechstunde Lenz'


Here is a short guide to the booking process:

It is our great effort to keep appointments timely and avoid delays. In order to address the problem of long waiting times for all patients, we have set up short appointments for acute patients in urgent cases. These appointments can be arranged by telephone the day before or on the same day. The short appointments should then only last about five minutes.

You can also pass by without prior registration for acute problems. But long waiting times will often occur if you show up without an appointment. As a rule, we can then deal with one defined, acute illness or one problem.

If you have to see a doctor without appointment we request to show up at the beginning of the consultation hours of the doctors.