Please note in advance:

  • Please do not call our practice for appointments for vaccination against COVID-19. Due to the extremely high number of calls on this topic, our capacities are regularly overloaded and patients with urgent concerns cannot reach us.
  • We keep waiting lists that we would be happy to add you to.To find out how to be placed on the waiting list, see below
  • Currently we offer only first- and second vaccinations. Booster-vaccination will be offered only once the RKI recommends booster vaccinations.
  • We can currently only offer vaccinations against COVID-19 to patients who are already being treated in our practice.

For patients who have received a primary vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine, we are offering the secondary vaccination with the mRNA vaccine from BionNTech / Pfizer at the planned date for the secondary vaccination.

We have the following vaccine available:

  1. Comirnaty® by BioNTech/Pfizer

Here is an overview of key features of these vaccines:





Typ of Vaccine


Vaccination Schedule

2 doses 4 weeks apart. Due to the complicated logistics of this vaccine, we have to keep this distance

Approved for

Persons aged 12 years and over

Further Informationen by RKI



Inclusion on the waiting list:

You can use this »online form to add yourself to our waiting list.

Alternatively, you can send a fax with the data requested on the »online form to our fax number.

Please do not call if at all possible in order to be entered on the waiting list. It is not possible to assign vaccination appointments directly over the phone.


We will inform you at this point if there are any changes. Last change: September 13, 2021